For ccaw jam 4.

Press R to restart a level.

I don't know how to use rigidbodies properly so sometimes they will be buggy.

You've found the secret to unlimited energy, but you overlooked one small thing. If you have an infinite energy source, how do you turn it off?

To play: arrange pipe tiles to redirect energy from your energy source to the outside of your ship. Get the flag!

Don't let too much internal pressure build up, or you'll explode. You'll also explode if you do stuff like slam into walls. So don't do that.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
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Tagsdumb, Godot


too_renewable.x86_64 40 MB
Download 15 MB
too_renewable.exe 35 MB
too_renewable.pck 162 kB

Install instructions

Windows: Download the .pck and the .exe

Mac: Download the .zip

Linux: Download the .pck and .x86_64

Put the executable and the .pck in the same directory and run!

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